The National Brothers Day is a holiday dedicated to all Americans who are brothers; this could include immediate family as well as the extended family such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on. This national day is observed on the second Sunday of May every year. Why should we celebrate it? Why not just drop by the local national day and celebrate with some lemonade? The answer is that we should celebrate this national day with much more zeal. Why do we have holidays in general? Why do we celebrate certain days throughout the year? We celebrate because of various reasons. For instance, we celebrate New Year’s Eve because of the hope that we will get an opportunity to see our loved one’s home safely. We also celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to wish them well and love them. It would be nice if we could get all three of our moms and our sisters to live long enough to see their grandkids graduate from high school. The National Brother’s Day was founded by a man called Washington Thomas Edison who came homeworkers in New Jersey and is considered to be the father of the electric railway system. During the 1800’s, during the American Industrial Revolution, people began to live in cities rather than in farms. As a result, there were a lot of people around the country who did not speak English and it was difficult for them to send their children to school. This was one of the reasons why Thomas Edison decided to create the school that the New Jersey school system used to help the poor children in that part of the country. The poor children had very few supplies and resources to help them go to school. So Thomas Edison created the school, which still exists today – in NJ. The aim of this national day is to celebrate all Americans and their great ideas. A lot of people are very passionate about their country and they like to help others by teaching or making things better so that they can improve the world as a whole. Topics Click Here: If you are an American or would like to know what is the national day? Then you can check out the United States flag and you can also see what it looks like at sunrise, sunset, and when the national flags are flying. Then you can decide whether you like or not this great national holiday. I am quite sure you will find it to be very fulfilling