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Rockies vs Giants Live STream Free ~!@#$%^& TV.Channel

September 23 at 8:00 am5:00 pm EDT

Rockies vs Giants Live STream FreeL The team also said it was transferring left-hander James Paxton to the 45-day injured list, ending his season and potentially his time as a Yankee.

Live Now>>  https://accesstvpro.co/mlb/

Live Now>>  https://accesstvpro.co/mlb/

This year’s Girls Baseball Elite Development Invitational, held in digital form, has led off with an array of sessions designed to teach high school female baseball players, ages 13-18, about strength and conditioning and mental performance, as well as lessons tailored to each position on the field.

The instructor lineup is not lacking in the accolades department, with speakers coming from the USA Baseball Women’s National Team lineup and coaching staff, both past and present.From now until the holidays, the 2020 EDI will afford some of the country’s top female baseball talent the chance to hone their on-field skills as well as their mental baseball acumen.

Position-specific sessions, led by two coaches at a time, each highlight a specific theme and cover key areas of focus. Held over Zoom, the breakout sessions include verbal instruction, videos of drills games, as well as personal conversations with players.

Beyond the lessons from the field of play, the EDI covers the bases on an array of topics material to those in the first innings of their careers. From goal setting to college recruitment, and strength and conditioning to the mental side of the game, those in attendance have a lot of value to absorb.

Despite being held online, the girls will not be left stranded at digital second base. All players have been assigned to a group in which they can check in weekly during an informal breakout session. From reviewing the previous week’s lessons and performances to group collaboration, all players are being positioned to grow individually while interacting with some fellow stars of tomorrow.

Seeing a major-league team get to 100 wins is a pretty arbitrary but also fun measure of greatness we’ve come to accept. Does 100 wins necessarily mean a team is that much greater than a 99-win team? Absolutely not, but mentally seeing that triple-digit win total just makes a team feel like a special regular-season team.

With the truncated 2020 season only being a 60-game sprint, we’ve lost the context for a 100-win team, but let’s do this just for fun. A normal season is 162 games. Take that divided by 2.7 and you get our 60-game season. Using the 2.7x math, 37 wins this season is the rough equivalent of a 100-win team in a full season.

Over the course of history, it’s pretty rare to see 100-win teams when we consider how many teams have played so many seasons in the majors, but there’s been a recent influx of 100-win clubs. Last year, four teams won at least 100 games. That was a record. Never before had more than three gotten to triple digits. In 2018, three teams got there. In 2017, yep, three teams. In 2015 and 2016, it was just one team each. From 2012-2014, there were zero. Prior to the trio in 2017, you have to go back to 2003 to find a season with multiple 100-win teams. In 2006, 2007 and 2010, there were also zero.


We could keep going, but it’s pretty clear. The previous three seasons were the most prolific in MLB history in terms of teams getting to 100 wins.


September 23
8:00 am – 5:00 pm