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Second Date – Get It Right

April 16, 2021 at 8:00 am5:00 pm EDT

couple sitting on bench near body of water

Second dates are kind of tricky, because you had a first date – which was probably successful because the girl wants to meet you again.

However, you don’t want your dating with her become a sequence of never-ending and going-nowhere dates.

It doesn’t matter if you want her as a girlfriend or a fuck-buddy – your goal as a man is to have sex with her pretty soon. That’s what you want (of course – you’re a man) and that’s what she wants too (even if it’s just subconsciously).

In fact, a woman will be expecting for your attempts to sexually escalate. If you don’t, she’ll either see you as a “friend” or lose her interest in you.

So, how should a second date look like, and what can you do, as a man, to make her attracted to you and feel comfortable enough to things sexual.

Attraction and Deep Rapport

There is no big difference between a first and second date. You should avoid the same mistakes – the most common are: Talking about boring and “serious questions”, letting her lead and make all the talking and not getting physical at all.

A second date is not your time to discuss your future as a husband or wife, or talk about your career. The topics should remain the same – interesting, funny, and light.

There are various factors that affect a woman’s attraction to a man, but being a leader and masculine guy is definitely one of them. Women love to talk. A girl can talk for hours on topics that only interest her. Don’t Let Her Do This. It can be good if she talks for most of the time, but it should be you to choose her topics.

Ask her questions, tell her things and ask for her opinion, make some comments – in general, you as a man should be the one who creates the interaction.

In addition to attraction, rapport is something that should be established. What is rapport? It’s basically a feeling of deep connection. You need to make her feel understood.

A great tip that I can suggest to make a girl fee that you listen and understand her, is by repeating her. Repeating can be done in the long way or in a short way.

The long way will be to repeat her entire sentence(s) in your own words. Listen to what she says, and say, something like, “What you are saying is that…..” – in your own words.

Of course, you can repeat her every sentence, so usually you should just use the short way. For example, when she says “So she told me that she was so frustrated…” – you respond by “frustrated?”. Here your only repeat her last words.

The impact of using this simple tip is enormous, and a woman will feel that you really listen and get what she says.

So just to sum up so far – on a second date you should continue with what you did on a first date – establishing attraction and creating rapport.

Kissing On the Second Date

Personally, I believe that a first date should include a kiss – not in the end, by the way, but during the date.

However, for many reasons, you might not get to the point of kissing on your first date, and it’s OK.

But when it comes to a second date, kissing is simply a must. You had enough time for talking, and even the most conservative girl, will be waiting for you to kiss her.

Never wait for the end of the date – kissing in the end is just too awkward. Kissing is best when it’s in the middle of a date, during your most funny and interesting conversation.

This is how it’s done: gradually slow your voice and make it deeper; look in her eyes, get a bit closer to her; keep looking in her eyes, and begin touching her fact gently. If you don’t feel any resistance – she is ready for your kiss.

Never make a surprise kiss – make it slowly and easily, get closer to her, move your lips toward hers, and finally kiss her. As a man, be the one to finish kissing first, and make her wait for more.

No Sex on First Date

Sex is definitely easier on a second date, because women have their social code of not sleeping with a guy on a first date – so a second date is different.

You should see how she responds during your dates. If you kiss a lot and she doesn’t resist any of your attempts – you could try to get her to your place.

Never tell a girl, or ask her – “do you want to sleep with me”. Even if a girl wants it, she is “programmed” to refuse. Never be direct about sex with a girl.

Instead, suggest coming back to your place, using some excuse – to drink coffee, to see a collection of your photos, whatever. Women feel easier to agree to indirect suggestions like these.

If she agrees – well done. If not, try on the next date. At least you didn’t seem like a coward – you kissed her, and you suggested to have sex. Most guys don’t do this.


April 16, 2021
8:00 am – 5:00 pm