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The absolute guide: How to manage content in a descriptive essay?

April 4, 2021December 9, 2021


In this article, you will learn the art of composing a descriptive essay with an example. Several students often find it tough to write a presentable descriptive piece of paper. It is a fact that putting pen to paper is not a big deal. In contrast, composing a detailed descriptive piece of paper demands that a college essay writer pull out all the stops.

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  • How is a descriptive essay writing different from other essays?

In your life, you must have shared your life experiences with others. You must have tried your level best to allure others’ interest in your experience. For his purpose, you have fused your emotional feelings with the sensory details to take the listeners into an imaginary world. The same rules apply in the descriptive piece of writing.

A descriptive essay is a genre of essay writing that encourages a college essay writing service to describe a particular subject. Its topic could be a person, thing, or an ordinary place. However, that particular subject should have great unique significance for the author and the readers.

Although few students despite extraordinary writing skills and the ability to express emotional feelings appropriately, yet they struggle a lot in scoring good grades. The primary watchword due to which students confront such a situation, as mentioned earlier, is ignoring the importance of essay structure.

Let’s consider an example of descriptive essay writing. If you are writing about a strange man that impressed you in several ways, you must explain it to the readers.

  • Creating an outline

It is the first step related to essay writing. It encourages a student to break down the whole essay into several small parts. It plays a vital role in organizing and managing all the information rhetorically. The author has to fight tooth and nail to compose a cohesive outline in a descriptive piece of paper and other essays.

  • Introduction

You have to draw a clear picture of the scene in the first two sentences. It will help you in alluring the readers’ interest in the content. Remember, you have to go the extra mile to learn this skill.

Instead of directly highlighting the characteristics of a person, you must draw a vivid picture of the scene; that is how you met that person. Involve the sensory details in the text. It will have a high impact on the readers’ minds to imagine the scene in their mind.

Next, put forward the primary reason that incites you to compose a detailed essay on a particular person. You may say that a person’s lifestyle was unique and surprisingly amazing.

Moving forward, now you have reached the crucial stage of descriptive essay writing. Now is the time to present the crux of the whole content you are about to mention in the main body section. At this point, you need to mark down a thesis statement.

You can write a thesis statement as “Although, he was not dressed up properly and I thought he was just another ordinary man like us. After some time, that specific man was distributing food among the poor people, and later on, I came to know that he was a great philanthropist. Yes, that’s true, we should not judge a book by its cover”.

  • Main Body

It is the section where you need to explicate the thesis statement. You need to involve the sensory details and college essay examples with that particular person. It would help if you highlighted the characteristics of a person that must have unique importance.

  • Conclusion

Concluding the whole essay may be a challenging task to perform for you. In this section, restating the thesis statement and then enforcing that particular person’s impression is a dire demand from an essay composer.

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April 4, 2021
December 9, 2021


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