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Types of Persuasive Speech – A Beginner’s Guide

July 27 at 8:00 am5:00 pm EDT

In college, you may be either asked to write essay for me or persuasive speeches or deliver one physically. The purpose of this speech is to convince a neutral audience why your stance is right. To write a convincing speech, you must follow the mentioned guidelines. You should also take help from online guidance websites if needed.

How to start writing your speech

It is always recommended to begin your work with a rough outline. You explain to the listener (or reader) what the topic is about, what your views are regarding it, and why the views of the opposing party are weak. You can take help from an online essay writing service. They can help you find important facts to write and the evidence to back it up in case anyone asks for the authenticity of your speech.


Types of persuasive speech and examples

There are 3 major subcategories of speeches where the objective is to convince the listeners. The first and most common persuasive speech category is factual speech. The other two categories are based on opinions on value and policies. The details and examples of these categories are given:


  1. Fact-based

In this type of speech, you have to present evidence to prove that the topic you are supporting is true. You have to convince an audience whether an event occurred or not. You must explain how you came to the conclusion of why the topic is true or not. An example of fact-based speech is convincing the audience whether investing in renewable energy is wise or not.

For this case, essay writer would present facts from published scholarly work to support your stance.  If you are in favor of the topic, you can state scientific facts about how fossil fuels are running out and have caused immense harm to the environment.


     2. Value-based

In this type of speech, there are no right or wrong sides like factual speeches. Instead, you persuade the audience on how your perspective of morals and values makes more sense than the opposition’s opinion. You still have to use factual data to support your view. A good example would be to convince the audience whether abortion is a women’s right or should the state intervene in the matter.

Everyone in the audience will have their own opinion on whether abortion is morally wrong or not. If you are in favor of a woman’s right to abort, you need to convince all the audience members and if if you want to write essay for woman rights ask writer to write my essay that the rights of women are superior to an unborn child. You can further persuade your audience by discussing the opposite stance and its weaknesses e.g., science has proved how the unborn fetus cannot be classified as a human until the 1st trimester. 


    3. Policy-based

This speech is used to persuade the audience to agree or disagree with a policy that is being implemented. The policy may be morally wrong or its practical consequences may be severe. You must persuade the audience to realize that your stance on the policy is right and if it should be passed or not. An example would be if you gave a speech on the harassment policies in the workplace.

You must first describe the current policies. Then you should state what parts of the policy you agree and disagree with. Give your audience genuine reasons for your stance. Finally, convince them whether the policy is impractical/practical or morally wrong/right.


The persuasive speech needs to be very convincing. If you think your speech is weak, contact an essay website. Tell them to “pay someone to write my paper”. Within no time, you will get an error-free speech that has all the required persuasive sentences.



Delivering a persuasive speech can prove to be challenging because changing a set perspective is difficult. Your speech must be very credible so that the opposers are left speechless. Value and fact-based speeches are more common in paper writing service. In case of time limitations, you should contact online writing services.


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July 27
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