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What is the best way to describe the Healy to a friend

May 4 at 8:00 am5:00 pm EDT

The Healy uses microcurrents to transmit curing frequencies to the human body, much as the boy’s voice uses air to transfer frequencies to the bottle. The Healy Resonance, on the other hand, works in a very different way.

While the Healy Resonance operates on the principle of resonating frequencies in the preceding case, transmitting soothing, harmonic frequencies to the body that communicate with, stabilize and stimulate their resonant counterparts, the Healy Resonance operates on a different method: for more info to check Quantum Entanglement.

What is Quantum Entanglement, though?

Quantum entanglement is a quantum physics theory that contributed to one of Einstein’s most famous quotations, in which he said that quantum mechanics as it stood in the 1930s was incomplete. Due to the lack of a word for quantum entanglement at the moment, Einstein referred to the phenomenon as “spooky movement at a distance.”

Stuff can be affected from a distance, according to Einstein’s (and a few others’) discoveries in the EPR paradox thought experiment, which is now an accepted feature of contemporary quantum physics. This was a considerable departure from classical physics, which stipulated that “an object is specifically affected only by its immediate surroundings,” according to the concept of locality. 1

Fast forward some 80 years, and this “spooky operation from afar” has recently allowed humankind to achieve the first teleportation trials. Although the medium transported was incredibly small – a photon (light particle), it is also a significant step toward our scientific development.

What does this mean for the Healy family?

Remember that, much like the glass in the previous blog post, everything, including humans, has a unique resonant frequency. The Healy can detect, search, and transmit frequencies to a person (or thing) from a distance using its quantum sensor and the general theory of quantum entanglement. Since everybody has a specific resonant frequency, the Healy will find, scan, and send frequencies, and it simply checks the quantum information field for that unique frequency (as described by the unique identifiers used to monitor) (there is one other aspect to this equation that we’ll address next).

The Healy Resonance then vibrates a pulse through the quantum information field. It adds the necessary healing, harmonic frequencies produced by Nuno Nina, much as the other Healy models use microcurrents as a mechanism to pass frequencies to the body.

Additional Quantum Physics

Unfortunately, no one on the HEALYou team has ever taught Quantum Physics at a university, but that’s just as in-depth as we can go into Quantum Science and the Healy without creating more doubt than explanation!

The last piece of the puzzle – the one we’ve been hinting at in this thread – will be discussed in our next post, which will also be the final installment of the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend mini-series. Last but not least, there’s you.


May 4
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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