Inspiration Grants

The Alumni Foundation can provide you with funds to help launch a promising new project or make an existing one even more successful.

2020 COVID Edition Winners Announced!

The NWSA Alumni Foundation is thrilled to announce the recipients of our 5th NWSA Alumni Foundation Inspiration Grant

This year’s grant was earmarked for a project related to COVID-19, and invited alums to submit funding applications for creative and actionable concepts that can bring our community and others together, even while we are physically apart, productively driving positivity and community at this most challenging time. We received more applications than we did for our first four Inspiration Grants combined, and all of the applications were fantastic. 

About the 2020 COVID Edition Inspiration Grant

As the coronavirus pandemic fills our lives with uncertainty and apprehension, the last few months have challenged much of what we had assumed. It has also highlighted a truly incredible spirit of community activism and mutual aid across all areas of society. The NWSA Alumni Foundation Inspiration Grant: COVID-19 Edition is being conferred exclusively to provide funding for initiatives responding to the current challenges the pandemic poses.

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Harmony Jackson
2020 COVID-Edition Winner

Randi Berry
2020 COVID-Edition Second Winner

Luna Goldberg
2020 Winner

Nile Harris
2019 Winner

Alexis Scheer
2018 Winner

Chris Rudd
2017 Winner